Marketing is a necessary evil

Ramblings of a Confused INFJ

What follows is my response to the article linked below. I am my response here rather than on one of my martial arts blogs because it goes into some of my ideals and thoughts on society, which I prefer to post here.

Is it crass to market your martial arts school?

I don’t use fancy advertising or “tricks” because that isn’t how I run my classes. Not because I’m ashamed of anything. My martial arts studio is run in a primarily traditional manner, with a focus on family values and *very hard work*. I can’t use the same kind of marketing that attracts people that are “sort of” interested in training or who would just want to stick around for a few classes, then lose interest. I market my school in such a way that in general does not garner interest from the “casuals”.

Also, while I am anti capitalist…

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