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Deontologia nei media online

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The Dark Side of Charisma

The world of Dave Tomlinson

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic – Harvard Business Review

via The Dark Side of Charisma – Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic – Harvard Business Review.

Most people think charisma is as vithow-be-charismatic_590x337al to leadership as it is to rock stars or TV presenters and, unfortunately, they are right. In the era of multimedia politics, leadership is commonly downgraded to just another form of entertainment and charisma is indispensable for keeping the audience engaged. However, the short-term benefits of charisma are often neutralized by its long-term consequences. In fact, there are big reasons for resisting charisma:

1. Charisma dilutes judgment: There are only three ways to influence others: force, reason, or charm. Whereas force and reason are rational (even when we are “forced” to do something, we obey for a good reason) charm is not. Charm is based on emotional manipulation and, as such, it has the ability to trump any rational assessment and bias…

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Free International Conference Call – For Boosting your Business’s Success

Business Telecom Services

The sudden spurt in demand for international conference call services among the business community is well understood. After all, it is this service that is credited for boosting their business success by many notches higher. This is the sole and exclusive reason why not many businesses think twice before availing this kind of service.

It is a common knowledge that business does have the requirement for the participants, bosses, clients and partners to take part in the same meeting. These meetings are very vital for the overall growth of the business and therefore missing out the meetings is one way of missing the important details discussed there. At times, very important decisions are taken in such meetings and therefore if some of these participants are absent during the meeting, the decision making process gets invariably slowed down. Every participant is very important as they contribute to individual capacities to the…

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An Empowered Culture is Key to Sccess. Do You Have an Empowered Culture? Take this test!


A Knowledge Worker Age Culture of empowered people, it is thought, can outperform an Industrial Age culture 50 times.  Why?  Because people are empowered to think for themselves instead of waiting to be told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it!

ImagePeople are also collaborating in a team-oriented environment where they are solving problems and generating new ideas on how to effectively do the job and take care of customers.  A collaborative culture is a learning environment.  It creates a spiral of continuous improvement.  It is energizing.  It is self-perpetuating.

Empowerment has, no doubt, become critical to success.  Furthermore, younger generations thrive in a high trust culture where empowerment and collaboration exists.  They will not work in an Industrial Age culture of micro-management, power, control, and fear-based leadership.  And, a true empowered culture cannot be developed and sustained in such a culture.

Many organizational leaders…

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Orange County Online Reputation Management Firm Searching for Testers

PDG World Marketing

“As the Internet is solidifying itself as one of the most powerful tools for marketing, businesses are utilizing it more and more to promote their products and services. They are also using various online platforms to create brand awareness and reach more clients faster.

PDG World Marketing helps companies and business owners utilize the Internet and maximize its benefits and advantages to increase their profits and assist in their growth. The company offers an extensive line of services that include search engine optimization, social media optimization, and Pay-Per-Click advertising. They also specialize in web design, website audit, Social Media Buzz, and online reputation management for Orange County businesses.”

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