Marketing is a necessary evil

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What follows is my response to the article linked below. I am my response here rather than on one of my martial arts blogs because it goes into some of my ideals and thoughts on society, which I prefer to post here.

Is it crass to market your martial arts school?

I don’t use fancy advertising or “tricks” because that isn’t how I run my classes. Not because I’m ashamed of anything. My martial arts studio is run in a primarily traditional manner, with a focus on family values and *very hard work*. I can’t use the same kind of marketing that attracts people that are “sort of” interested in training or who would just want to stick around for a few classes, then lose interest. I market my school in such a way that in general does not garner interest from the “casuals”.

Also, while I am anti capitalist…

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Psychic Income: Motivating Customers to Help Themselves

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Psychic Income. What is it?

This term is best defined with an example. Dell has an online community support forum where customers can go to ask questions and find answers to technology inquiries. The unique aspect about this forum is that the people providing answers are other customers who have had similar experiences.

Jeff Stenski is a design engineer who spends the equivalent of 123 working days per year posting answers on Dell’s community support forum. When asked why he is so dedicated to this community he replied, “I actually enjoy helping people. That’s what got me hooked: When you help people and they say ‘thank –you’” (Bernoff & Li, 2011).

What Jeff has expressed is his own form of psychic income. He participates for gratitude. When it comes to online discussion forums, there are various types of psychic income that can motivate people to participate. These include recognition or…

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